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Nurse Talking to Patient

Nursing Assistant

Training Program

Nursing Assistant training Program

This program is designed to certify participants (ages 17 and up) to become a nursing assistant. Upon completion of the program, job placement is available. Participants will be employed as a Graduate Nursing Assistant while waiting to take the State’s examination. Nursing assistants provide patient and resident care under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. They assist with admitting and discharging patients and residents; make observations about patients' and residents' physical and mental status; measure vital signs, weight and height; and promote psychological comfort. Nursing assistant functions and responsibilities are directed by the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) and state laws. 


At the completion of this 2 week certification program, the participants will be able to immediately gain paid work experience.  This program is also designed to acquaint each participant with all of the necessary tools required for the industry.  One of our goals is to certify competent, compassionate, caring nursing assistants who strive for excellence in their delivery of care to meet the healthcare needs of the community while contributing to the health-care profession. The program will give insight on but not limited to the following:


Interdependence within health care

Goal Setting

Effective Communication



Problem Solving

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