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Instructional Technology Support Program

Instructional Technology Support Program

This program is designed to assist both parents and school districts with the needs and demands that are associated with distant learning environments. Our program will assist parents and school systems with the learning needs that originated due to the COVID19 pandemic. CampArtis.Org understands the challenges and requirements that are associated with an online learning platform.  Our ITS program will fully support in the areas of security, safety, logistics, infrastructure, location, accommodations, instructional assistance and technical support. 


With the involvement in this program, the participants will have a safe environment proficient to support the online curriculum that their school district has provided.  Our Southfield, MI location is clean and sanitized daily. We have a trained and certified teaching staff. Our technology infrastructure is robust and can handle all online platforms and device specifications. We will support flexible drop off and pick up times to accommodate the educational schedule. Meal plans are available as well. program will support the following:


Online Instruction

Technical Support

Safe and Secure Learning Environment

Health Checks



Technical Infrastructure 

Nutrition Support

Instruction Assistance 

Physical Fitness

Parent Pickup/Drop Off

Certified and Trained Staff

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