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Driving Service

Chauffeur & Commercial Driver’s License Program

Chauffeur & Commercial Driver’s License Program

This program is designed to empower participants, with driver’s license (ages 16 and up) with the understanding on how to obtain a chauffeur’s license and or a CDL permit. The program will demonstrate the requirements to successfully past the state examinations.  This program will assist the participants on the proper and required practices when driving commercially.


At the completion of this program, the participants will be able to demonstrate the operation of a commercial vehicle, with or without a trailer.  This program is also designed to acquaint each participant with all of the necessary tools required for commercial driving.  One of our goals is to introduce participants to logistics. The program will give insight on the following:




Household Goods Industry


Physical Fitness




Food Industry  

Distribution Centers

Automotive Industry

Rail Yards and US Ports

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