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Computer Programming

Advanced Computer Coding Program

Advance Computer Coding Program

This program is designed to empower participants (ages 10-19) with a more comprehensive approach to the understanding of computer programming in the JAVAScript language. The program will provide participants a more in-depth approach to creating and designing a fully functional program that can be initialized and monetized over multiple technological platforms. This is 12 week program. Live instruction will be administer until the conclusion of the program. Participants have the option to schedule face-to-face instruction. 


This program is designed for participants with rather considerable knowledge and experience in computer coding. Different programming paradigms such as Object-Oriented programming and procedural programming will be introduced and the differences between them will be clarified through the use of C and C++. The concept of high performance coding will be introduced and a main objective of the advanced coding program is to develop the participants to understand the significance of a higher performance achieved by software. The program starts by probing the students' knowledge and skills, then will proceed to cover information with the minimum coverage as up to File Processing and Data Structures. Depending on the participant’s background and speed of learning, some Computer Architecture concepts, and their relevance to programming, will be introduced. Programming assignments of different levels and applications will be given throughout the program and the intensive programming projects will be the primary mean of evaluation. 


Learning Objectives: 

Understanding advance concepts of JAVAScript, C and C++ 

Understanding advance coder’s tools – code editor and browser dev tools 

Understanding the advance structure of a web page 

Understanding of the advance structure of the Internet 

Understanding how client and server computers interact 

Understanding web protocols and the two most commonly used on the Web 

Understanding image types and their use cases 

Understanding the advance structure of a web page 

Understanding the advance structure of a website 

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