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Marketing, Apparel and Planning program

Marketing, Apparel and planning Program

Marketing, Apparel and Planning program will offer participants knowledge and concepts in the marketing industry. Marketing to young people is a strategy used by a wide range of companies, particularly those selling consumer goods. Companies that sell food, clothing, personal electronics, and entertainment will invest heavily in the youth market. The MAP program will introduce many aspects of the industry, which had its effects on the community from inception. 

MAP Program is designed to offer resources to teens, ages 12-18, through a multi-day overnight camp. Our camp will teach teens the marketing process. The program will guide and instruct, from creation to the finished product; in a fun and exciting learning environment. Participants will actively engage in the following: 


Create slogans and images that can be supporting by products and promotions 

Learn software and hardware for print and design 

Create an executable file for print and design 

Select apparel for promotion 

Design and create a finish product 

Introduction to e-commerce 

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